1. You will be listened to

Going through a relationship breakdown is almost always a stressful and frustrating process. We understand the dynamics of relationship breakdown –   we have helped thousands of clients through this difficult journey. We are familiar with the different stages of a divorce and separation and the obstacles that may appear along the way both personal and financial.

We are specialists in relationship breakdown and we will listen attentively to your particular circumstances. It can often feel, when you are going through separation or divorce, that no-one is listening to you. Rest assured we are here to listen.

Without listening we would not know how best to help you.


  1. You will understand the map that lies ahead

You may come into the meeting not understanding where the next step may take you, or what your options are. You may have researched your legal rights yourself and have further questions about whether a certain step is right for you and your children.

Once we have listened to your problem we will ensure that we provide you with tailored, specific advice on what your future options are and what it may take to get there. You will begin to visualise a way forward for the future. You will be able to see where pitfalls in the map may be and hopefully how you can best avoid them.

The map will begin to take shape.


  1. You will understand the potential legal and other costs involved

We provide you at the outset with both written costs estimates (initially) and further estimates (once we understand the nature of your case). With the large-scale cutbacks of legal aid from divorce, separation and children issues clients are needing to fund their legal costs from their own private resources and the more advance information you can understand about this before embarking on the process the better.

We will explain the costs in detail.


  1. You will understand how other professionals or experts may help you

Family Therapists, Counsellors, Divorce Coaches, Financial Advisors may be able to help you at certain points in the way ahead. We can explain how these agencies may be able to provide meaningful advice to you, which will ensure that you are not just taking sound legal decisions, but that other aspects of your life are also considered.

You are not just “a divorce” to us. You are also a father/mother/sister/ brother/friend/grandparent who needs to be considering your life as a whole in order to move forward in the best way possible.

If we think someone else may be able to help you too, we will tell you*.


  1. You will know whether we agree with you or not

We are not afraid to tell you if we think you are approaching an issue from a disadvantageous angle**. Our professional duty is to act in your best interests. If that means we need to deliver some uncomfortable truths, we will do so – as it is in your best interests to know.

We cannot tell you what action to take, we will advise you as to what we consider the best course. It is your life, and your family.

We are committed to being open with our clients from our first meeting, with both welcome and unwelcome news.


We offer a face-to-face initial consultation of up to one and a half hours with Founder & Director Katy Zikking or Directors Fiona Greener or Nicky Howarth for a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT (£300) or with assistant solicitors Hannah Holdaway or Ros White, for a fixed fee of £215 plus VAT (£258).

This initial consultation incorporates a free half-hour of time in addition to the usual hourly rated meeting.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with a member of our specialist family law team, please do not hesitate to contact us on T: 0117 3751780 or E: mail@harbourfamilylaw.co.uk. 

 *We don’t receive a referral fee for this. It is part of our service.

**We also provide teas, coffee and chocolates, which may make things like this easier to hear.